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Fix or Finish a Friendship (MP3)
Fix or Finish a Friendship (MP3)

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Fix or Finish a Friendship

Did you know some friendships will have an expiration date? Maybe you have some people in your life that the relationship either needs to be fixed or it needs to be finished? In this full-length teaching CD, Fix or Finish a Friendship, Dr. Randy takes you on a journey of what true friendships are all about.

Healthy traits of a friendship:

  • Friends love and influence each other but they don’t control each other
  • Friends are honest with each other without fear of rejection or retaliation
  • Friends respect each other enough to speak the truth
  • Friends do not manipulate to get their way or to play games
  • Friends don’t have hidden agendas

10 signs that your friendships need to be fixed or finished:

  1. You see your friend’s name on the caller ID and you freeze
  2. Given a choice today you would not pick that same person for your friend
  3. You feel drained after spending time together
  4. You feel obligated to spend time with your friend
  5. You feel used by your friend
  6. You start pulling away from your friend
  7. You are losing trust in your friend
  8. You find yourself losing respect for your friend
  9. You no longer share the same values with your friend
  10. You’ve simply outgrown your friend

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